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    1) Noahs Ark ‘Jingles’ is the gateway to children to initiate the love for music to reach the destination of ‘ Symphony’ of the musical legends like Mozart, Beethoven etc.
    The main objectives of the jingles is to train the young fingers to play the instrument by way of the ancient collection of Rhythm, Songs, Classical etc. After the completion of the basic techniques and lessons, the children are trained to appear for International Grade exams conducted by Trinity College of London UK, which provides internationally recognized grade certificates.

    2) Children love art because it’s fun and provide them with authentic self expression, the freedom of choice, thought and feelings. Boundaries are displaced by imagination.

    3) UC MAS is a globally recognized structure proven and time tested program in the whole brain development of children in the age group of 5-12 yrs. The ancient Chinese tool called Abacus used for calculation , used to train the children in developing lifetime skills such as memory, concentration and on the whole academic proficiency.

    4) Indian Vedic sutras with modern era mathematics (Vedic Maths) is taught by efficient trainers. Let your children discover the potential within himself as he or she deserves to be the winner. Send your children to experience the power of Vedic mathematic at Noah’s ARK (Open to all above 12 years Children)

    5) This robotics course is for nine years till eleven year old students. This will help them to enhance their creativity and to think logically. This course will provide the student with a robotic kit, which is completely safe for kids as it operates only with batteries. This kit is an iconic robotic kit for beginners to learn about the wonderful world of Robotics . With this kit we can make a autonomous Robot with multiple activities which includes line follower, light follower & object avoider.

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    Music Instrument Training (Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Piano, and Drums)
    Special Art Program for Adult for more information please contact Tel : 971 2 641 9793 Mob : 971 50 3296857

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