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    Children love art because it’s fun and provide them with authentic self expression, the freedom of choice, thought and feelings. Boundaries are displaced by imagination.

    Junior Picasso:

    Basic drawing, water colouring, pencil shading, canvas painting, oil painting, pot painting, fabric painting and glass painting etc.
    The scheduled syllabus is structured in such a way to train the child to transform his colourful dreams into sparkling images.
    Eligibility :
    Age Requirement :

    UC Dino Art:

    UC Dino Art is an International Art program which is the product of UC MAS global & education, Malaysia, pioneer in skill development program. It has a colourful and creative art design concept. UC Dino Art uses numerous lively ,colorful and realistic designs that are attractive and influential, that directly stimulates the senses of young children and seeks to help the development of abstract thinking and creativity.
    Children would learn not only drawing skills but also paper craft, fabric painting and magic clay as well as learning how to use different types of art media.
    Age Requirement :

    Art Classes for Adults:

    16 years and above.


    A person’s personality can be sketched with a glance at his handwriting. Writing is very important for expressing the thoughts and feelings. Noah’s Ark Lucida is the exclusive calligraphy lesson for children. The scribbling of your children will be changed to legible hand writing.


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    Music Instrument Training (Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Piano, and Drums)
    Special Art Program for Adult for more information please contact Tel : 971 2 641 9793 Mob : 971 50 3296857

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